About Heritage

Our Mission & Vision

As a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, Heritage Christian School exists to honor God by assisting parents in teaching their children how to have a growing personal relationship with God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, striving to provide the best academic learning environment resulting in creative and critical thinking students.

Our vision is to be a leader in Christian education in Northwest Ohio, developing servant-leaders who impact the world for Jesus Christ, recognized for the following:

(1) Quality of our faculty

(2) Excellence of our academics and spiritual development

(3) Service by our students and graduates

Beliefs on Education

“We believe that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, was given by inspiration of God, and is our only rule in matters of faith and practice.”

God has revealed through His word that the primary responsibility of education belongs to the parents (Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:7, 31:13, I Samuel 3:13, Proverbs 2:1-5, and many more).  Heritage Christian is in joint partnership with parents in the education of their children.  Furthermore, it is our conviction that an education that ignores God and His word, purporting to be neutral, is inadequate and morally and spiritually foundationless.

Heritage Christian School will offer an education from a Biblical worldview that encourages well-rounded students that develop mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially (Luke 2:52).

Core Values

Making and Maturing Disciples: We are committed to helping students and parents develop a personal relationship with God by salvation through Jesus Christ and growing that relationship by Biblical meditation as taught throughout Scripture (Romans 10:9-10, 13, Joshua 1:8-9, Psalm 1, II Corinthians 3:18).

Biblical Worldview: We are committed to integrating Biblical truth into all areas of the curriculum and school program because the Bible is the final authority for all of life and Godliness (Psalm 119:128, Romans 11:36, II Peter 1:3-4, Colossians 2:7-8).

Academic Excellence: We are committed to providing a quality learning experience that develops creative and critical thinkers with the mental, physical, social, and spiritual tools necessary to reach their full potential (Luke 2:52, II Timothy 3:15-17).

Partnership: We are committed to collaborating with parents and the church to enhance each student’s development. (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 3:20-21; 6:1-2)

Servant Leadership: We are committed to developing effective leaders with a heart for service who use the gifts God has given to them to impact their family, school, church, community, and the world for Christ. (Matthew 20:28, John 13:1, Romans 12:3-8, Galatians 5:13, Philippians 2:5-7)

Outreach: We are committed to presenting the message of Jesus Christ to the world so that we can be used by God to reach the lost and impact our society for Him. (Mark 1:17; 16:15; Matthew 28:19-20)

Stewardship: We are committed to the responsible management of the time and resources given to us by God. (Matthew 25:23; I Corinthians 4:2, Ephesians 5:15-16)


Our goals (specific 3-5 year) are:


75% of students will score high enough in all four areas of the ACT test to be considered ready for college.

90% of graduates enroll in college within three years of graduation (current national average is 79%. Our current average is 95%).

Juniors and seniors will be able to earn at least 3 college credits per semester from classes taught at Heritage by our staff.

Add an additional high school class in English and science

Finish in the top 4 of all academic quiz competitions we enter (BCSO, NBC Academic Challenge, PBS Brain Game).


The science room will be completely remodeled to meet current standards.


Growth by an average 5% per year.

Student retention of 90% excluding job transfers


Maintain teachers that are degreed in the subject area they are teaching.

20% of staff teaching workshops each year.

60% of teachers will have or be working on a graduate degree.

Fine Arts

Superior ratings in band and choir in all competitions we enter

First place in the BCSO fine arts competition each year

Qualify, send, and place in the AACS national competition

90% student participation each year


Offer a class in Family Living to combat the crassness of our society


Continue to offer a devotional time at school in order to promote a personal relationship with God.

80% of our high school students will be actively involved in ministry in their church.


Compete for championships in all sports within the BCSO organization

Continue to require students to play sports in order to earn physical education credit.


Need based scholarships that are greater than 50% for all families who qualify.

Raise teacher salaries to at least 50% of what they would make in public education.


An alumni club with 70% of contact info of alumni

Alumni club participation – 40% with a minimum annual membership fee that goes toward a specific HCS scholarship recipient.


Plan A Visit

Call today to set up an appointment! | Office Phone: 419.424.9511 | Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Call today to set up an appointment!

Office Phone: 419.424.9511

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Check out recent HCS news:

Check out recent HCS news:



Beginning of the Year

Registration Packet Forms

The forms enclosed in this packet must be completed and returned to the school office no later than the first day of school. We have endeavored to condense the forms and reduce the paperwork for parents.  Much of the information is entered in our computer program; however, it is still necessary that some forms be signed and completed each year.

All Students:   

1. School Attendance Report (one per family).  If not received by August 31 then it will be your responsibility to inform your school district that your children attend HCS.

2. Statement of Cooperation – This must be signed by all parents.  Students in grades 7-12 must also sign.

3. Student Record/Emergency Form – Please check the information carefully and make any necessary changes.  Also, be sure to complete the back side with insurance info, etc.

New Students Only:

4. Health Record Questionnaire (including immunizations)

5. Copy of Birth Certificate (copy can be made in school office)

If any information changes during the year – telephone/cell numbers, address, medical information, etc. – please notify the office so we can update our records.  The telephone/cell number is extremely important in case of an emergency.  Thank you!

Reminder that the Annual Calendar you receive sometimes changes.  We will list the upcoming activities and date changes in the weekly Heritage Highlights.  Please read the Highlights carefully.

In order to reduce the cost of mailing the Summer Information Packet, we have emailed the information sheets that do not need to be signed and returned to the school (example: school supply list, sports info, etc.).  For those who do not have email access, you will receive a hard copy of all information.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Click to download this cover letter

Statement Cooperation

Click to download Statement of Cooperation form

All Parents and Students (grades 7-12) need to sign this form.




Click to download this letter.

Dear Parents or Guardians of Heritage Christian School Students,

This letter fulfills a requirement mandated by the Ohio Department of Education. In providing a Christian education of high quality, Heritage Christian School is open for instruction for no fewer than 1001 hours (455 for kindergarten). The school day is at least five hours in length, exclusive of the noon lunch.

State law requires that pupil attendance be reported to the Treasurer of the Board of Education of the school district in which each pupil resides. Parents are responsible for making this report, and we have prepared a form to assist you in this responsibility. After you fill out the required information for each of your children enrolled in Heritage Christian School (including name, age, and residence address, and your signature), please return the attendance report form to the school office. We will forward it to the appropriate person.

Parents who withdraw students during the school year are also responsible for reporting student withdrawal to the treasurer of the school board in the school district of their residence. Such notice must be given within the first week of the next school month. Our office will be willing to assist you in the event that such a change in enrollment occurs.

The teachers and administrators of Heritage Christian School have received at least a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized college or university.

The Heritage Christian School has courses of study for the following subjects: 1) language arts; 2) geography, United States and Ohio History, and national, state, and local governments; 3) mathematics; 4) science; 5) health; 6) physical education; 7) the fine arts, including music and art; 8) first-aid, safety, and fire prevention.

The Heritage Christian School follows regular procedures for promotion from grade to grade of pupils who meet the educational requirements of our school. Our school complies with state and local health, fire, and safety laws.

You should be aware that the Heritage Christian School (as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, Inc.) does not seek a charter (or license to operate) from the State Board of Education because of our truly-held religious beliefs against such state control of a religious ministry. Because your children are attending a non-chartered, non-tax supported Christian school, they are not entitled to pupil transportation under Ohio law. You should thus be careful not to seek reimbursement or compensation from your local school board for transportation of your child to and from this school.

Should you have questions concerning the information provided above, please feel free to contact the school office.


Rev. Tim England


Class Scheduling

We have a scheduling conference with each 9th-12th grade student and his/her parent(s) to review credits already earned and to assure that he/she is meeting all graduation requirements, etc.  Mr. England will be meeting in his office for the scheduling.

Please call the school office to set up a conference time (419-424-9511).  If you are unable to come on either of these dates, please call the office so we can have Mr. England contact you about your child’s schedule.

If your child has completed Driver’s Education, you need to bring in the certificate so he/she can receive ½ credit toward graduation.

GRADES 5-8: Schedules for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be available in the office at the Open House. Grades 5-8 are required to take choir.  Band is optional. However, all 5th graders will take band the first nine weeks and will then have the option to continue. Art is required for grades 5-6;  optional for grades 7-8. If you know your child’s choices ahead of time, please contact the school office.


Grades K4 – 5th: The first two days of school (Friday & Monday) students may go directly to their classroom upon arrival at school and their teacher will greet them.  Beginning Tuesday, August 21 (Wed. for K4 & K5), students should go to the Upper B center area and wait for their teacher. K4 usually attend on Monday & Wednesday only but they need to come on Friday, August 17.

Grades 6-12: Upon arrival at school go to Lower B locker area and then you will be dismissed at 7:55 – grade 6 will go to Upper B and grades 7-12 will go to C-100/Spurgeon. You will be assigned a locker in Lower B Unit (locks are provided).  Locker assignments & schedules will be available at Open House (in school office).

Please do not permit your child to enter the building before 7:35 a.m.   A teacher is not on duty until that time.

If you need to come into the building in the morning or near the end of the school day, please park in front of the church offices or pull ahead past the school carport area.  This will help with traffic not getting backed up.  If you have any questions, please ask the office or a teacher.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Sports Information

Will be available soon.


Camp Letter

The 7th-12th grade students will leave Tuesday morning, September 4 for Camp Peniel (Fredericktown, OH) and will return by the end of school on Friday, September 7. Please keep in mind that school camp is required for all students in grades 7-12.

School camp is a wonderful opportunity to get the school year off to a great start spiritually and socially. New students will be able to make friends quickly. Chapel times will challenge students to dedicate this school year to the glory of the Lord. Our ultimate goal is helping your children spiritually. Most of our students will appreciate that emphasis and they will also like all of the fun events that are planned. Students may travel in casual clothes according to the dress code below. Luggage should be taken to the front of the church office in the walkway.  The vans and trailer will be parked in that area.

Bring: Bible, notebook and pen, sleeping bag/bedding and pillow, toiletry articles, jacket, and spending money for the canteen.

Girls dress: Loose fitting slacks/capri’s/running pants (no jeans) or bottom of the knee length shorts. Girls need to wear a school-approved dress or skirt to the evening service. Jean skirts are acceptable.

Boys dress: Long pants (nice jeans are acceptable) and shorts. Boys need to wear a collared shirt for the evening service.

Both: “T” shirts and sweatshirts that convey a good Christian testimony and athletic shoes will be acceptable.  Running pants are also acceptable.

What not to bring:  Magazines, cigarettes, fireworks, playing cards, clothing with worldly advertising, items used for practical jokes.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.


Rev. Tim England, Administrator

Click to download school camp letter

Supplies & Costs

K4-K5 Supply List

Click to download this K4-K5 supply list

  • Large Glue Stick
  • Scissors – 5″ Point Fiskar
  • Pencil Box
  • 2 – #2 pencils (may need more later in the year)
  • 8-pack crayons (Small/regular size only)
  • 1 Folder w/pockets
  • 1 large eraser (not pencil cap)
  • Baby Wipes (used at snack time, etc.)
  • Large box of tissues
  • Package of washable primary colored magic markers for art projects

(8 standard/primary colors, not pastel)

*PLEASE PUT CHILD’S INITIALS OR NAME ON ALL SCHOOL ITEMS. (including each crayon & marker)

If students need supplies during the year, they may be purchased in the school office:

Pencils $ .20  Crayons $ .75  Glue Stick Small $.60, Lg. $1.20  Pencil Box $2.50  Scissors $2.25 (Fiskar only)

  • Students will need a book bag.
  • They will also need tennis SHOES for the gym (to be left in the classroom). Please put their name or initials on bottom of shoes. If your child cannot tie their own shoes then we request that they have shoes with VELCRO CLOSING or SLIP-ON – this saves much time at recess.  Thank you!


Cafeteria Note

WARM-UPS on MONDAY only.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • The item must come microwave ready (must be in microwavable container & lid – no foil).
  • All items must be marked with heat time, student name and grade.
  • 2 minutes is the maximum heat time per student.
  • Warm-ups must be turned in first thing in the morning.

No lunches will be heated at the counter during the lunch hours.

Also, please remember the following concerning no charging in the cafeteria:

You may set up a prepaid account to buy lunch items.  Once this balance is used, you must add money to the account before your child can have purchases applied to it.  An email statement will be sent monthly.

A lunch menu will be available at Open House on August 17.

Thank You,

Mrs. Long



Extra Costs

BCSO Fine Arts Competition in March at Cleveland (Grades 7-12)  –  $30.00* approximately

*Students must participate in five events or they will need to pay the full cost ($80 approximately).

Three events must be in areas of music, speech or quizzing and two may be testing, art, photography, etc.

Students will also need money for food.

School Pictures – Cost varies

Sports Fees -$60.00 per sport (see Sports Information Sheet for more details)

Senior Graduation Fee – $65.00 (approximately) due by April 6.

Art – $10 per student enrolled in 7-12 art class

MusicSee Music Info sheet (gr. 4-12)

Field Trips or SportsStudents may need additional money for food and housing on athletic and academic trips.

All fees should be paid in the school office rather than to the teacher.

Music Costs & Concert

If you have questions, please contact Miss Dickson (a.dickson@cbcfindlay.org), Mr. Wiggs (b.wiggs@cbcfindlay.org)  or the school office (419-424-9511).   All fees should be paid to the school office.


Girls: Skirt, hose & shoes – All Black

Solid color “Sunday” blouse – white, light blue or subdued color

A solid black dress is acceptable

Guys: Pants, socks & shoes – All Black

Dress shirt – preferably light blue; white is acceptable

Tie – solid or small print


Girls: Black top and blue infinity scarf (rented from HCS)

Solid Black skirt (Needs to land between mid-shin and ankle. Must be one length and may not have a

sheer overlay.)

Black hose, and black dress shoes

Guys: Tie (rented from HCS)

White dress shirt (long sleeve)

Solid black dress pants, black socks (no ankle socks, please); black dress shoes

Top and scarf (girls) and tie (guys) must be rented ($6) from HCS. The fee helps cover the cost of dry cleaning, etc. The other clothing items can be purchased at a store. If you are unable to find a black skirt or pants, then contact the school office or Miss Dickson. Sometimes we have used ones available.

UNIFORM CHECK DATE will be the end of September (exact day depends on class schedule).


There are a limited number of instruments available for students to use/rent.  There is a $12 monthly fee ($108 Sept-May) for those who are presently using HCS instruments and those who desire to do so.  Care kits and accessories are not included in this price.  (Rental fee can be paid monthly or one lump sum.)


4th Grade $8 Recorder from HCS (recorder & book);  $4 if you have your own recorder

5th – 8th Grade $7-10 music book (Blue Standard of Excellence)

5th Band is required 1st semester only.

9th – 12th  $7-10 music book (Green Standard of Excellence)

(Students may return previous Standard of Excellence books that are in good condition and receive a $3 discount toward their new book.)


Contact the school office or administrator for details.

For new HCS families, there is a 50% discount.

Needs-based scholarships are also available.

Parent-Help Resources

Driver Insurance Form (field/sports trips)

Click to download driver insurance form.

Driver Form (Microsoft Word_fillable form)

Driver Form (PDF_print and return)

This insurance form needs to be completed in order for you to transport HCS students to school events.

Scrip; Box Tops; Kroger Plus

SCRIP ORDER  –  This is great way for you to earn money towards your tuition.

There are several restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc. from which you can purchase gift cards.  The discount we receive off face value of the card is applied to your tuition account.  The rebate is applied each month.  Order forms are available in the office and the school website. If you have other family members or friends who would like to order, then their percentage can also be applied towards your tuition. You can go to www.glscrip.com for a complete list of participants and the percentages.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Dawn Long in the school office.

BOX TOPS for Education Labels 

We would appreciate you saving Box Tops.  The school receives 10 cents for each General Mills/Betty Crocker Box Tops. Please be sure to check the expiration date. Go to their website:  www.boxtops4education.com  – to view all products.  The class which brings in the most labels will receive an ice cream party at the end of the year.  THANK YOU for helping us!

(The Campbell’s label program has been discontinued.)


If you have a Kroger Plus Card then you can go online to register and a certain percentage goes to the school.

www.Kroger.com – Services/ School Programs/ elabelsforeducation.com then follow directions OR go to www.elabelsforeducation.com and follow directions.


Be a Volunteer

Each school year there is much volunteer help needed in the areas listed below.  However, during the year there are other areas in which we need help also: such as cutting and counting Box Top labels (which can be done at home).  If you can help in any area, it will be greatly appreciated!

If you can help, please complete this form and return it with your other paperwork.

Room Mothers (Elementary) – To work with and help the teachers prepare for the various class activities: such as parties, field trips, etc.  Duties may include setting up for the activities, making sure refreshments come in as scheduled, help plan activities, and cleaning up after the activity.

Parent Helper (Elementary) – To assist the teacher in sorting papers, cutting, filing or other odd jobs that would help with the work load.  Some things can be done at home.

Elementary Recess – Monitor recess one morning/afternoon a week.

Sports Events – To help with concessions or gate at soccer, volleyball or basketball; or volleyball line judge. Parents of players are expected to help but we would encourage others to help also.  It takes many hands to operate a good sports program.

Teachers Luncheon – Twice during the year (fall & spring) we serve our teachers an appreciation luncheon.  If you would be willing to help provide food for one of the luncheons, help serve and/or organize, please indicate below.




Heritage Christian School, a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church

2000 Broad Ave. | Findlay, Ohio 45840

419.424.9511 | office@heritagefindlay.org

Heritage Christian School

A ministry of Calvary Baptist Church

2000 Broad Ave., Findlay, Ohio 45840