School Plays

Every other year, Heritage performs a major classic production.  Click on the images below to see trailers from the last two plays.


IMG_7507Instrumental music

Instrumental music begins with the fifth grade band. Students spend the first nine weeks learning the basics on a flutophone. Beginning with the second quarter, students and parents select their band instrument. By Christmas, the class is playing its first song. By the Spring concert, the fifth and sixth grade form a concert band for the program.

Some students are able to take piano lessons from music teachers before, during, and after school.

Elementary Music Program

Mr. Wiggs uses concepts from the Kodaly Method to teach elementary grades K – 4.  Beginning in kindergarten, students learn folk songs that help develop a ‘head voice’ and movements that encourage a steady beat.

1st and 2nd graders meet together for music twice a week.  They continue to learn new folk songs and are introduced to basic rhythms and Kodaly hand signs.  Supplemental material is used in 1st-4th grade to make students aware of musical elements (rhythm, patterns, phrases, etc).

Students begin reading note names in recorder class (4th grade), and are introduced to more theory in 5th grade. Fifth graders begin band instruments in early-to-mid fall and perform their first concert in May.


Fall and Spring Programs

Heritage has annual Christmas and Spring programs. All students participate in the Christmas program, and first grade through twelfth grade participate in the Spring program. Kindergarten students have a separate graduation program in the Spring.



First Place in 2016 and 2017, Second Place in 2015

BCSO stands for Buckeye Christian School Organization. But to Heritage junior high and high school students, BCSO stands for the state fine arts competition held every year in March. This is one of the major student events of the year. Students leave on Wednesday after school for Cleveland, Ohio. They spend a night in a hotel and participate in two days of competition. There are art, photography, woodworking, metalworking, home etc., speech, preaching, quizzing, instrumental, and vocal categories.

The first evening in the hotel is fun, but it is also time for final preparations for the next day’s competition. Actors may be in the stairwell rehearsing their scene. A reader’s theatre group may be in someone’s room going over their lines. A music group may be singing in the hotel lobby. The second evening in the hotel is more subdued. Students have competed from 9:00 in the morning until late into the evening. Most are exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Heritage has placed in the top three in this competition each of the last ten years.  Click to see last year’s results Ratings BCSO – all