Tim England




The much maligned Michigan fan




Theresa England 




The principal’s wife





Lindy Kirkham




1st/2nd Grade

Our teacher from New Jersey, Arizona, and California



Elizabeth Ayers




3rd/4th Grade Teacher

The teacher who does the most traveling



Joyce Anderson




School Secretary

The school secretary



Jay Anderson




Bible/Social Studies/Coaching

The athletic director


Laura Lindwall




English/Pep Club

The high school spirit leader



Kristi Wolfe





So new that we don’t have her picture



Dawn Long





The school cook



Anna Dickson




Band Director

A Heritage graduate who has returned to teach at her alma mater



Rachel Long




Junior High Teacher

A Heritage graduate whose goal is to teach in a mission’s school



Christine Schultz





The teacher with the most children (6)



Brad Wiggs





The church music director and children’s pastor