One of my favorite times of the week is when I speak in junior high and high school chapel.  God’s word is very practical, and I want chapel to demonstrate that.  This week we looked at one of the characteristics of love mentioned in John 13.  This is Jesus’ last message to His disciples given the night before He is crucified.  His message is about love.  Love is humble, love is obedient, and love is compassionate.  This week’s message emphasized the second characteristic – obedience.  Verses fourteen and fifteen give us an example to obey, and verse twenty defines obedience.  To be rightly related to God, one must be rightly related to Jesus.  To be rightly related to Jesus, one must be rightly related to the authorities that Christ as placed over us.  There are many applications of this verse.  Missionaries who are well received in countries usually see many people trust Christ and become righteous before God.  Students who are upset with parents are not right with God.  Here is an application for adults.  Adults who criticize their pastor are not rightly related to God.  Their actions are telling their children a message that contradicts Scripture.