Heritage graduates have been very successful in college becoming and work becoming leaders.  Some have been asked to become managers at work right out of high school.  We currently have a 19 year old manager in town, and many of those he supervises are old enough to be his parents.  Others go off to college and become student leaders in dorms, including dormitory supervisors and resident assistants.  Why?

Heritage doesn’t take or deserve all of the credit.  We do host a statewide leadership conference each year for high school students, and we do talk about leadership frequently.  We also give opportunities to lead that require responsibility and initiative.  At our upcoming school camp, some of the free time activities were designed by students.  We will have team captains at camp, and we will have crew leaders to supervise camp clean-up on the last day.  We also will have crew leaders at our upcoming Workathon, a community service event in which we will work at three county parks.  Crew leaders will be evaluated on how well they lead others.  They will need to have initiative, be organized, and lead by example.