The following article was in our church’s newsletter in June.  “It’s hard to believe that it has  been five years since I graduated from Heritage Christian School.  Since then, I have finished four years of undergraduate study and am now working on my Master of Arts degree.

As I look back on all the education I have been blessed to receive, one thing I can say with confidence:  I have never had teachers as influential as the teachers I had during my 3 high school years at Heritage.  For good or for ill, teachers influence and help shape one’s outlook and perspective on life.  I praise the Lord that the teachers at Heritage influenced me for Christ.  They showed me what it looked like to have a passion for my career as well as the people around me.  English became one of my favorite classes, not because of the subject (trust me), but because of the teacher teaching the class.  Math became easy to understand, not because I was gifted in the area (believe me), but because the teacher made the concepts understandable and fun to learn.  The history of our nation and the world came to life, not because I enjoyed reading, but because the teacher conveyed his passion for history to his students.

I could go on and on about how I studied under teachers who were experts in their specific field, but more importantly, invested in the live of the students.”