The Heritage administration is consistently looking for revenue sources outside of the parents that send their children to Heritage.  This past June we had our second annual silent auction.  That money is usually designated to a specific cause.  This year it was school camp costs.  Next year we are thinking about using the funds to upgrade our science lab.

The other fundraiser is the first Wednesday in October.  It is our annual workathon.  To be successful, this fundraiser requires a little help from parents and students.  s profit was over $18,000. Why do we do this event?

1. Divide the profit by the approximately 40 families we have at Heritage, and your tuition would increase by $450 if we didn’t do it. It is the most successful fundraiser for the smallest effort on the part of parents, teachers, and students.

2. It is a community service project. It is good for all of us to give back to our community. In fact, it is becoming increasingly expected. More and more college scholarships ask how much community service the applicant has done.

3. It helps teach a work ethic. Some students are hard workers, and some are not. This is not fun and games day, it is work day.

4. It gives some of our older students leadership opportunities as they lead work crews.

We ask for your support for the upcoming workathon.